CELEBRATING spidercise nutritions release with a little one to one

SO as it says in celebration of the release of spidercise nutrition I am offering a free session to anyone who gets in contact with me.


I will also throw in a free consultation just to make sure you are getting the most of your own training


message me now as spaces are limited.

Keeping you up to date

Keeping your focus on the year ahead!

Its a new year

Its a time for a new start

So lets work on making that new you


So many people say 'I'm NOT making a new years resolution, I never stick to it!'

This is not a reason to not start making changes you just need to follow a few key points of goal setting.


The goal can be anything from becoming prime minister to losing that baby weight.

The what doesn't matter as long as its SMART...cheese yes but it works


Specific. Don't be vague; set something that is of note. In many of my consultations if I ask at the start what a persons goals for coming to the gym I often hear, 'get fit' 'be healthier' to achieve this you can doe something from eating an extra portion of fruit/veg a day to completing a triathlon in a good time...the variation is HUDGE, to say I want to complete a triathlon is specific, want to lose a stone is specific.


Measurable don’t be subjective using your own opinion on whether you are fitter slimmer more muscular. This is because when you are in a good mood you will think your doing better on the other hand when life people are…annoying you, you will be more harsh on your self. Measurements don’t care about your feelings they will tell you whether you are behind on your target but they also tell you if your smashing it out of the water…doing good


Achievable This doesn’t mean you have to tone down your goal!! All it means is do you have all the resources available. Some times money, time and often background knowledge well lack of. Can cause setbacks or even stop you thinking it is manageable. Take these into consideration for the short term goals.

So know your stuff , set aside any excessive funds required so that getting to your goal is achievable. Glass ceilings are just that GLASS just got to find the strength to break through.


Realistic This is the time to add your own view is this something you actually want. Is it something you are willing to work for, is this something you can really commit to.

If so then we are on to a winner. If you don’t think all the sacrifice will be worth the outcome then chances are you will become disheartened and fail. Make sure you really are willing to put the effort in.


Time We don’t have all day…literally so don’t give yourself a lifetime to get to where you want to be. As humans we procrastinate very easily with things like social media, video games, tidying the already neat. Ways to distract yourself are endless. If you have a deadline it makes a HUGE difference. Some of the best results I see are just before a wedding…that date is set in stone so the motivation is so much higher.


So when it comes to setting your self goals whether they are fitness related or world domination lets keep it SMART.



New Location

New locations. So with the closure of Fitness first I am now working out of the Spidercise studio. This offers a great experience as we can now focus more on the technique and with the studio being free when taking sessions. The studio is fully kitted out from a squat rack with multiple olympic bars to kettlebells and for body weight there is a frame fitted with TRX and rings. With all these and more....session are pushing clients to a new level :) 


How amazing have the Olympics been so far we loved every min of it, I do feel this pic sums it up pretty well. Also I have to steal what a friend said to me 'the olympics is the only time of year fit and active people become couch potatoes'....so tru i have been glued...now we have ther paralympics well looking forward to this some quality events coming up :D



a side note im not going to be available for the week of the 3rd of september Nicola will be taking the bootcamp so yes you can still train :D

This months training tip

July were suppose to be sunning it up here's one to get a some more tone on


Isometric training with reps

so the word above means you stay still...easy enough but you do it whilst the muscles are already being worked. for example


During a squat (assuming full range of motion) the isometric hold or pause

would occur just as you reach the 90 degree angle at the knee, This is the point when the bum should be performing a lot of the work, then continue to the floor and back to straight legs. This can be done with any muscles you wish to concentrate on a little more but be sure you are capable of the resistance you are undertaking.


This will give you the build up on lactic acid giving the 'burn' :D enjoy!

So my tip for June will include weight loss and endurance gains:



So many people forget that there’s more to training than changing weight reps and sets being able to complete the action slower will recruit more fibres to maintain the action, more fibres require more energy and causes more work for the muscles forcing the adaptations.


Try just adding an extra two seconds on the eccentric actions you perform and feel the change.


eccentric is the opposite way the muscle works for example the extension of the arm from the elbow during a bicep curl is the eccentric action.


As always any questions feel free to contact me


So back from Bodypower at Birmingham was amazing so much to see.

Power lifting close up...WOW doesn't come close!


The Body building competitions were so impressive and not always just the guy who was the biggest won; FAR from it, symmetry and proportion made a big impact as well as the definition.....and so much more was amazed.

The pic is all the swag GRATEFULLY received from all of the amazing supplement companies present to all of you THANK YOU the big tubs were cracking deal and will help greatly towards my current training :D

Finally launched my website

So I've finally launched my website so welcome hope you find it useful


This weekend I'm heading to Birmingham for the Body Power expo, so watch this space for new cool hints and tips.

As I'm in Birmingham there is a guest instructor taking care of the Dynamite Pink Ladies, Nichola Burns will be letting you all in on a body pump class this Saturday 19/5/12

so leave me plenty of feedback on my facebook page ladies.

Offically I'm on holiday this weekend so best stop doing work and go enjoy some exercise :D


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