What Do You Want to Achieve?

 Possibly the most important question we can ask; I firmly believe that the best way to manage your life is to set yourself achievable goals along the way to your ultimate goal. This is why I define a clear strategy and milestones we want to reach together we worth this out during those first consultations.
I use these to develop a personalised training programme for you, allowing us to reach these goals in a reasonable time frame.


Each new client is like a new puzzle, finding out the best way to motivate, teach and develop allowing for fresh new session which will help us reach your goals.


There are three main areas most people tend to ask for;

weight loss and toning up

weight gain and toning up

sport specific goals

Weight Loss and Toning up

The most common thing for weight loss I hear is;


'I'm doing more cardio to lose weight'


This is a starting point if you currently do nothing but I'm sure you will agree cardio is


Repetitive by its very nature

which leads back to Boring, when things are repeated all the time.


This is just one reason why compound resistance movements are a great basis.

I know 'compound resistance movements' may sound a little scary but is based on the every day things we do,


standing up and sitting on a chair is just a squat

walking up stairs is a form of lunge


These every day or functional training moves will allow for every day movements to become easier. They also cause a lot of different muscles to be used at the same time, more muscles require more energy, and for all those calorie counters, you will burn through more calories to provide said energy.


We all know exercise is just one aspect to weight control and to be honest, weight isn’t something I often measure; this is due to the fluctuations caused by exercise.


The whole muscle weighs more than fat conversation doesn’t strike home for a lot of people but,

if you think how much space 1lb of fat takes up, yes look down and have a grab. Now if that 1lb was replaced with muscle its going to take probably less that 1/3 of the space, so imagine that same part now filled with a little muscle causing shape and the definition we look for when we say toned. This may lead to a little weight gain but losing inches off the thighs, waist, bum and toning the arms up, so clothes fit more like you want... I'm sure you can deal with the scales when we have that beach bod on.

Weight Gain and Toning up

A lot of people think this involves Bicep curl, peck deck. These are sometimes used as a minor part of the training.


I have found best results using a combination of power/Olympic lifts which only concentric actions reducing those DOMS (the pain the next day) and all require a great degree of core control and strength.


Followed with some lower body exercises promoting the flow of testosterone.


Then moving up to the upper body movements of push and pull and then finally we get to those isolation exercises required for those disco muscles to be on show.


Again nutrition is as important as it is for those wishing to lose weight, you wouldn't want to put some watered down imitation petrol into your pride and joy, that luxury sports car. Your body is the same put crap in and you will get crap results.

Sport Specific goals

I do not claim to be a master of all sports. The sport specific goals refer to me helping with a component such as leg strength for a high jumper. Endurance for a rugby player.

Your own sports coach will help with your overall performance, I will just sharpen up any particular weakness to aid your performance.


However rowing is a different story, this is an area of expertise. For more details on rowing specific training message me.

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