Wedding planner

This product has come to being after taking multiple people upto thier wedding day and helped make a real difference to 'confidence and self image'


The earlier we start the easier the changes will be and the better the results will be

wether the goal is

weight loss and tone

little size gain (gents disco muscles)

we can help with anything inbetween aswell

nutrition is key we will give you diet advice that if you want the best results the fuel has to be right for the goal


INTENSE training program

be under no illusion if you arent happy with your current shape it will take hard work to get there we can help but you have to put the time in


The program start at £895*

longer term programs are also avilable as are more intense programs


contact me for a free consultation so we can work out the best way to achieve your wedding day dreams


* based on 6 weeks of 5 hours per week including diet advice and body measurments (so you can see the results)


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